Choosing your wedding shoes

So you've got the wedding dress and now you're thinking about the shoes...

Whether you're used to high stiletto shoes or prefer smaller heels, our biggest tip for you is to


Remember you will be on your feet for most of the day. Most brides end up taking their heels off during the reception and changing into something more comfortable then, so that is always an option.

- Don't wait until the day to wear in your new shoes. For the sake of your heels and to prevent nasty blisters, wear your heels for a few hours leading up to the big day so you feel confident and comfortable.

- Consider your ceremony and reception venues

Is your venue outside? Will you be walking on stones or grass? Are there many stairs?

While you can wear any shoe you want (hey, it's your day!) it pays to think about your venue and what surfaces you'll be walking on. Pebbles and stones can be slippery, and no one wants to see the bridal party twist an ankle. If you are walking on grass, consider the width of your heel and if you should invest in high heel grass protectors to stop you from sinking.

- If you have already bought your bridal shoes, make sure you take them with you to your dress fitting and alteration appointments.

- Think about the height

This isn't just about comfort but some brides don't want to appear taller than their partners in wedding photos, so definately something to conside :) Of course, this is entirely your preference!