Wedding Day Emergency Box checklist

No one wants to have a stressful wedding day but sometimes it could be hard to go through every detail without forgetting something.

I have put together a list to help you with what items you need so that on the day of your wedding, you are covered, you are stress free and know that if something goes wrong, you have the tools to manage the issues that you may face.

I tailor to each wedding I coordinate so there may be a few things you can add or take out based on your wedding but here is my general list:

For one of my recent weddings in the Hunter Valley, I filmed a short video to walk you through what I had packed for that wedding specifically:

I hope you find this helpful! I’m going to be sharing two exclusive tips in my November newsletter about what else you could include in your emergency kit so make sure you sign up for that! You can do this through our website below.