Tips on how to plan around the unexpected

So it's clear to us all that covid isn't going anywhere. Lockdowns are now gone and weddings a now in full swing but there is that risk of staff or vendors you book getting it and having to cancel.

So what do you do if your vendor gets covid and has to cancel last minute?

Firstly don't panic. I know its hard in theory but hear us out as there is always a solution (trust us...were wedding planners we have been there!).

Ok problem solving mode is to kick in for your vendor. Meaning they won't leave you stranded. They will reach out to their network of contacts first to get availability for a replacement.

If for some reason your vendor cant book anyone from there list reach out to your past bride tribe. Ask who they used.

Ask your venue for their help and supplier list.

There is a wonderful online community via Facebook pages for brides to connect thru.

Remember everyone in this industry is banding together to help each other thru these times so chances are you will get help.