Photography by Kirsten Cunningham

1. When did you discover your passion for photography?How long have you been in the industry?

I was always that kid at parties in school with a film camera wandering around taking photos of my friends. They were terrible photos, out of focus and wild, but getting them developed and reliving everything and seeing how happy my friends were made my heart burst. Every. Single. Time.

Over time my cameras and thankfully the quality of my images got better and better! After school I ended up in Africa working on the overland trucks. I literally learnt to use a professional camera with manual settings on the back of a truck on safari photographing elephants and lions. It was absolutely magical and launched my passion to pursue photography full-time. I've always shot weddings with digital cameras, but I'm still totally in love with film and continue to shoot film for personal projects.

I've been a full-time wedding photographer for nearly 4 years now, and part-time for 3 years before that. I'm so thankful to have been working as a photographer for almost 10 years! I hit my 10,000 hours a while back! 2. What’s your favourite part/moment of a wedding to capture?

There is something so magical just after the ceremony when the couple have a few moments to themselves as they sign the marriage certificate. They've made their vows, the pressure is off and they soak each other in for a few months more often than not really talking for the first time that day. 3. What advice would you give to couples when looking for a photographer for their wedding?

As with all of your vendors, make sure they are your people!!! You guys are unique and your vendors are too. If someone's work stands out to you, read their website info, give them a call, say hi reach out and make sure you click. If it's too hard and you don't vibe at the enquiry stage, spending your whole wedding day working together is going to be hard. And it doesn't need to be. You will spend more time with your photographer than any of your guests on your wedding day so make sure you love them and they will love you right back! That's when the magic happens and that translates into beautiful photographs!