Our Family Christmas

Christmas is just the most magical and wonderful time of the year. I get so excited even just thinking of Christmas, it’s the feeling I get of complete joy and pure happiness.

I think of how wonderful it is to have my husband and 2 boys that I get to share the festive season with. I am always so grateful for my life and everything I have, but more so in the lead up to Christmas.

I usually start listening to Christmas carols in November and they excite me for what is to come. My all-time favourite Carol is “Oh Holy Night”. It’s not the typical jolly song but the words and meaning are ever so special to me.

Each year, my family along with my parents, siblings, niece and nephews, celebrate Christmas together at my parents’ house. In preparation, we make a day out of decorating my parents’ Christmas tree. My sisters and I combined have 5 children (1 more expected early next year ☺) All the children “help” to decorate - yes, I rolled my eyes when I wrote “help”. What I really meant was they run around the house, get tangled in the tinsel and throw or break ornaments.

My sisters and I are usually the ones who end up decorating the tree. For the last 3 Christmas’, my father says he will be putting up a barricade around the tree so that the children can’t touch it or that we’re not putting the tree up until Christmas Eve haha! Each year the ornaments get placed higher and higher up the tree so that the kids can’t reach them and pull them off - it’s all part of what makes Christmas special.

On Christmas day we start our day by going to church and thanking God for everything we have and are so fortunate to be blessed with. I always make a point to teach my children that we are very fortunate to even have a roof over our head and food on our table. The true meaning of Christmas to me is being grateful for what we have and doing something to bring happiness into someone else’s life.

My sisters and I bring food and drinks to help celebrate and have an amazing feast together. The food is usually placed on the dining table and then continues to the kitchen bench as we always cater as if we’re feeding a village. As my mum says, “The more food the better, there will be leftovers, and no one will have to cook the next day”.

Spending Christmas with my family, knowing that we will all be together enjoying each other’s company whilst the children run around, laugh and play is what makes me happy. With carols playing in the background, our tree is twinkling with lights and suddenly everything stops for me. All the noise around me pauses for just a few moments, I take a deep breath and realise that everything is just perfect... I have a loving family, an amazing husband and 2 beautiful boys.

After we all stuff ourselves with the delicious food, it’s time for another tradition where my father dresses up as Santa and gives out the gifts to the children. They each take turns to sit on his lap, take a photo/sometimes cry and then start unwrapping their gifts. Then it’s time for dessert, my favourite part.

It’s also a special event to signify the end of another year. So much happens every year, even small events you might not think about are worth cherishing.

FUN FACT (Something I think about each year)

I am so thankful to my parents who named me Natalie; I feel like it was the perfect name for me as I absolutely LOVE Christmas and go a bit crazy around this time. In case you didn’t know, the name Natalie is derived from the Late Latin name Natalia, meaning "Christmas Day".

It was just meant to be!

Well there you have it, that is our family Christmas ☺