How to include your furbabies in your wedding

Top Tips for Including your furry friends in your wedding

1. Book them in for a professional groom as close to the wedding date as possible.

2. Assign a dog concierge for the day

Someone who will be responsible for accompanying and taking great care of your dog throughout the day. You can ask a family member or a friend but why not hire a professional to do this? They can care for your pooch and return them home safely and care for them while you celebrate the night away. An example are @I Do Paws.

-Tips for your assigned person. Ensure they bring a lead, water, little bowl , treats, plastic bags for any toilet trips and wipes for their paws in case they decide to jump on their owners with dirty paws.

3. Safe Transportation - Organise safe transportation in advance – for example safe crate, booster seat and seat belting.

4. Ensure your ceremony venue is dog friendly and also your celebrant is fine with dogs.

5. Health and Safety - Be aware that there are flowers that can be highly toxic and dangerous for dogs to ingest, do your research and find out how ‘dog safe’ your preferred blooms are. Also let your florist and ceremony stylist know that your dog will be attending so they can ensure all florals used are 100% dog friendly.