How to find the perfect Venue for you

The Initial Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue

• Does the venue have enough seated capacity to accommodate my guest list?

• Is my desired date free?

The Big Picture Questions

• Who will actually be there on the day? Is there an in-house wedding coordinator? If there is a coordinator, will they be there for the duration of the reception?

• Do you have a one wedding per day policy?

• Is the venue available for exclusive use?

• If so, is there a minimum amount of guests that have to book accommodation for exclusivity?

• How flexible are your packages?

• Are there any changes planned to the building before the wedding (renovations, painting etc)?

• Is the wedding venue accessible for guests with disabilities?


• Which rooms/locatiosn are available for ceremonies onsite?

• Is the ceremony to take place in the same room as the reception?

• What is the changeover plan for converting from ceremony to reception?

• Are there any alternative (or outdoor) locations for non-legal ceremonies?

• Are we allowed to have confetti?

• How early can my florist bump in?

Food & Wine

• Is a complimentary menu and wine tasting included? How many people can attend?

• How much wine/champagne/tea & coffee is included per person?

• Wine choices – what are the wine choices and what are the upgrade costs?

• Do you charge a corkage fee?

• Is the champagne toast complimentary?

• Are there any additional charges for bar staff or waiting staff?

• What time is the meal served?

• Do you cater for special dietary requirements? Coeliacs? Vegetarians?

• Is there an option for dinner the night before or a BBQ the day after?

• Is there a late night food option, what time is it served?

• Where is the cocktail hour or drinks reception held?

• Can we serve signature cocktails?

• What are the options for guests with food allergies, intolerances, and other dietary requirements?

The Reception: Décor & Styling

• What crockery/linen/cutlery is provided as part of the package?

• What type of tables do you have (shape, size, top table)? Are there different options?

• Is any décor/stationery provided (menus, centrepieces, red carpet, flowers, cake stand)? Are there alternatives available?

• Can I move things around and decorate to suit my purposes, or do I have to leave everything as is?

• If you want to set up and decorate the venue the day before the wedding, can we gain access, what time?

• Can we hang things on the wall or from the ceilings? Do you allow candles on tables?

• Do we need to bring in a contractor to hang decor or lights?

• Do you have pictures of what the venue looks like in Spring/Summer/Autumn/Winter (the season you’re getting married in)