Differences between wedding planning and coordinating

If you're thinking about hiring someone to help with your wedding, you first need to decide if you need a planner or a co-ordinator. The two services are similar but there are some key differences you need to be aware of before choosing which one to book. Natalie offers both services so we thought it would be helpful to break it down and show you the differences and which couple might suit each service.

Wedding Planner

The wedding planner service is a full package where Natalie will be with you right from the beginning of the process and guide you through each step. She will work closely with you to create the perfect vision, including colour schemes, themes and even offer some advice for venue choice. If at any stage you have any questions, Natalie will be on hand to help out.

You will also get access to her exclusive list of trusted vendors who Natalie has worked with previously and can vouch for their exceptional work. If you have a particular request and need a service Natalie hasn't worked with before, she will help source, negotiate and manage the vendor interactions.

Wedding planners are your buffer between yourself and vendors. They will co-ordinate all the necessary pieces for the venue, inform all the outside vendors of requirements and will create a specific running sheet for the day itself so everything stays organised and on time.

As the day draws closer, Natalie will keep in close contact with you to discuss any last minute decisions or changes but the beauty about having a wedding planner is none of those decisions will be hectic. On the day itself, Natalie's role will become more of a coordinator as she will ensure the venue is set up to your liking and matches your vision. She will greet the vendors and instruct them on set up. As you relax with your friends and family, Natalie will greet guests and ensure everyone knows where to be.

In general, Natalie will stay onsite for the most of the reception to ensure everything is running smoothly. If anything needs to be picked up that night, she will stay onsite to make sure it's collected properly otherwise, she will tend to leave after all the offical things are complete, leaving you to enjoy the reception with your guests.

On the following morning, she will make sure the vendors can collect all the pieces as needed.

This service is perfect the couple that wants help with every aspect of planning their wedding.

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinators come in during the last stages of the wedding planning process. By this stage, you have already sourced your own vendors, have your decorations planned and pretty much know what your wedding is going to look like.

As a coordinator, Natalie's role will be to come in towards the end where you supply her a list of vendors and their contact details so she can run things smoothly on the day of the wedding. She will make sure that the set up runs exactly as it should and work with the suppliers to create your perfect vision.

Natalie will stay onsite throughout the wedding to make sure things run to schedule, and that your guests are taken care of. Once all the official traditions and scheduled events are done, Natalie will check in with you one more time before leaving you to enjoy the night with your guests.

This service is ideal for a couple who want to plan the majority of their wedding but just want help handling the finer details on the day itself.


As you can see, the biggest difference between the two services is length of time and inclusions. The wedding planner service expands the whole journey of your wedding, while the coordinator service only comes in at the end and is relevant for the day itself. Each package has its benefits based on each couple and their preference.

If you have any questions or aren't sure which package would be the best for you, we recommend getting in contact.