Creative Hens Ideas

Don’t know where to start when it comes to your besties hens? Or even a creative fun bridal shower. We’ve taken on the task to research some ideas for you!

Host a Wine Tasting

What's a bridal shower without some bubbles? Instead of the standard mimosas though, invite a wine specialist to guide the group through wine tasting. You can even theme the tasting around a favourite destination visited or nationality.

School Your Guests in Calligraphy

Beautiful script is becoming more important in the days of technology, so if you’re going to handwrite something might as well be written beautifully. . Sign everyone up for a calligraphy workshop, where you will begin to master envelope addressing and thank-you notes.

Create Beauty Products

Everyone wants to feel good and look good, so incorporate that into your bridal shower. We love the idea of guests taking something home that they made to wear at your hens or wedding! The lib lab offers a service where you can create your own lipstick, gloss or make-up. There are also candle workshops where you learn to make candles and choose your desired fragrance.

Unleash Your Inner Beyoncé

Glam up for your own dance class and learn the moves to your favourite song. Hire a choreographer to teach you and your guests a signature dance. We’re totally vibing “single ladies “by Beyonce here !

Get a Tarot Reading

Take the bride squad for some good vibes with a tarot reading for someone fun and different. Followed by a grazing picnic at a beautiful garden.

Be Your Own Bartender

Gather your closest friends and family to learn the art of the craft cocktail, Have a skilled mixologist guide your group through the basics of shaking and stirring to put twists on classic drinks, such as an old-fashioned, martini, and daiquiri.

Learn How to Spin Like a DJ

If Paris Hilton can do it, so can you and your gals. Set up a masterclass with a local DJ or head to a spin school, such as Scratch DJ Academy in New York and Los Angeles. You can host a private workshop, where your guests learn the basics of the turntable, mixing songs, and, of course, the timing of scratching.

Hire a Hot Chef

We’re cutting straight to the point here: Invite a good-looking chef to show your gals how to whip up homemade pasta or that elusive hollandaise for eggs Benedict at home. Planner Jove Meyer notes that the activity enhances the idea that it’s a party for everyone, not just the bride; “It takes the focus off the bride-to-be and allows it to be more of a group celebration,” he says.

Bite Into a Cheese Experience

Find a local cheesemonger that allows for private events and host a custom cheese tasting, where your guests can learn about different styles, production methods, and flavours. Consider pairing the cheeses with wine.

Get creative

Ever heard of paint n sip ? If not it basically equals painting with a drink in hand—that definitely says bridal shower. Customize the experience by having guests paint their beloved pets or their significant others… or go up a notch with a real-life nude model.

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