Christmas Styling

Christmas 2019 trends are showing bright coloured decorations on a traditional green Christmas tree. Colour combinations such as blue, silver and white or pink, copper, rose gold and white look amazing!

If you are more into traditional-looking trees (I usually am) you can’t go past red, gold, and green ornaments. This year my family and I decided to get trendy, we chose blue, silver and white ornaments to decorate our tree.

I like to always add a personal touch to our Christmas tree whether it is something my boys have made or a personalised bauble with their names on it. Ornaments like these just add an extra special touch to our family Christmas.

When decorating your house, dining table, hallway table or coffee tables, always try and match the colours to your tree.  Always use an accent colour, something that ties in well with the other colours you have selected. Our accent colour this year is silver. So, when I think of decorating the rest of the house, I know I will need a touch of silver in each location that I choose to decorate. If gold is your accent colours, remember you can always add candles to your dining table which burn a gold colour.

Another accent colour/material you could add to your decorations is timber. Timber is a beautiful way to create something a bit different and matches a lot of colour combinations.

From myself and my team, we wish you all a Merry Christmas.