After the wedding check list

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  • Organise for your bridal bouquet to be preserved

  • Return all borrowed accessories from family / friends

  • Return all rented equipment

  • Turn on/ off your out of office / away message on your email

  • Contact your gift registry to have gifts delivered

  • Get an official registered copy of your marriage certificate

  • Your marriage celebrant will register your wedding and perhaps give you a certificate on the day of your wedding. This is not your registered certificate though, and you will need your registered certificate for most of your name change process (if you are changing your name).

  • Write and send out thank you cards

  • Dry clean your wedding dress

  • Have your wedding dress professionally preserved / boxed / stored

  • Change your name

  • Create a wedding memento box

  • Update your Will

  • It’s incredibly important to update your will after marriage, because marriage cancels any previous wills unless your previous will was made in contemplation of marriage.

  • Get (or change) a life insurance policy

  • Update your beneficiary for life insurance / superannuation