2019 wedding themes and colour trends

Even though 2019 is almost over, we've got a list of the most popular themes and colour trends that we've seen all year and will most likely see into 2020.



Rustic has been taken to a whole new level with 2019 seeing rustic chic with an elegant twist. Not just timber and hessian everywhere, but industrial venues, floral ceiling installations, greenery with pops of white flowers and gold candlesticks set the mood for a romantic night.


With outdoor marquee weddings becoming more and more popular, we are seeing twinkling fairy lights and ‘indoor gardens’ created by bringing nature and floral arrangement structures inside. This means that regardless of the weather, your guests will have a fabulous time and enjoy your own private garden or have them dine under the stars surrounded by lanterns or fairy lights.


While every wedding is glamorous, this theme is definitely in a league of it's own. This is the one to choose for those couples who want to make headlines and go above and beyond at their wedding. Think huge floral arrangements that cover the whole wall and fireworks after the ceremony with a touch of pyrotechnics on the dancefloor.


This theme usually goes in tandem with the boho theme so we thought we'd put them together. It's a gorgeous throwback and tends to be a laid back and relaxed atmosphere with quirky decorations that leave the guests feeling warm and bubbly.



It's such a deep and rich colour but is extremely popular with brides. It can be paired with a lot of other colours that leave a lasting impression in your photos.


Like burgundy, a navy colour palette can look stunning against other colours. It's a very deep colour that contrasts with whites, yellows and greens.

Sage Green

This particular shade is pretty but muted so you don't have to worry about it overpowering other flowers or decorations. It's very rustic and natural.

Dusty Blue/ Orange/ Pink

We chose to put these three colour schemes together because while they are different shade, the overall soft feel is a common thread. Depending on the time of year and theme, one of these 3 colours will be perfect. Dusty blue is gorgeous during the winter months, dusty orange is stunning in summer or autumn and dusty pink looks divine in spring. Having said that, the shades are transferable to any season.