Jody Collins Hair and Makeup

- What is the biggest bridal party you have done hair for?

TEN! I had the bride, the bride’s mother and mother-in-law, five Bridesmaids and two flower girls. With bridal parties this big I often team up with my sister, Leah who is also a hairdresser to make sure we get everyone ready in a timely manner.

- What’s your personal favourite hairstyle to create for a bride?

It’s hard to have a favourite style, there are so many to like, but the classic up style always looks beautiful, timeless and will last the brides all day.

- Do you have any tips for brides to consider when deciding on up or down styles?

Nearly every bride I speak to is deciding whether to have their hair up or down and I encourage them to consider these factors before making their choice:

•The weather.

•Their hair type (eg. Naturally straight, wavy or curly)

•The style of dress

•If they are planning to wear a veil

It is also important to mention that while curls are a popular choice for most brides, They may not hold all day. If a bride wants to keep her hair looking beautiful during the ceremony through to the reception, I recommend picking a style that suits their hair type and will look amazing throughout the whole day. This includes the rest of the wedding party too.